EP12 - Burnout, Recovery, And The Dopamine Train - Steve Parr

Steve and I discuss the classic "burnout then recover" pattern that many men fall in to. We talk about "the dopamine train" and how many of us get caught spending 99% of our time chasing small dopamine hits. This kind of behavior can be unconscious and harmful to a man achieving his goals. We discuss ways of breaking out of the patterns that hold us back. 

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Free will or no free will
  • Breaking out of the patterns that seem unconscious
  • The power of making small yet important choices every day
  • The importance of mentors, guides, and coaches. 

Steve is a cryptocurrency lawyer, the Co-Founder of Heart Homes Travel, and a coach. He helps new businesses in the cryptocurrency space lay their legal foundations. https://www.parrbusinesslaw.com/

Media discussed in this episode:

Free Will clip on Youtube