EP11 - The 3 Pillars of Health with Dr. Jason Marr ND

Jason Marr is a Naturopath doctor in Vancouver, BC. His practice - Evoke Medicine - addresses the holistic health of the individual, with a tailored approach to medicine. He strives for "Integrative Health" with each of his patients, drawing on the best of various healing modalities. 

In this episode we talk about:

-The caffeine gene

-Diet & Nutrition, and the difference between them

-Nutrigenomics & leveraging DNA testing to maximize productivity

-The refuelling principle. 

-Nootropics, optimization, and BDNF

At Evoke Medicine, Jason has a program called RESILIENCE - Using DNA testing to optimize health plans for each individual. They take you through a full spectrum of testing and health planning to take your health to the next level. 

The RESILIENCE program includes:

Comprehensive bloodwork screening with interpretation by a Naturopathic Doctor

Comprehensive genomics profile including genes relevant to nutrition, physical activity, brain function & mood, with interpretation by a Naturopathic Doctor

Diet, Lifestyle, Nutraceutical & Herbal Recommendations to maximize performance, productivity & resilience

5-day meal plan by a holistic nutritionist, including recipes & grocery lists

Immediate treatment considerations & Long-term follow-up plan