Ep03 - Social Media, Porn, and the Modern Man - Devon Ash and Steve Parr

I sit down with Devon O'Brien Ash and Steve Parr for a conversation about social media, porn, and how modern men are coping with a virtual world. We also talk about dating, pickup, and learning how to relate to women.

Devon is a dating coach and the founder of The Ash Approach - formerly Social Fluency, in Vancouver, BC. The Ash Approach uses science-based, reality-tested methods to align a person and get in touch with their authenticity to achieve social mastery. 

Steve Parr is the Co-Founder of Heart Homes Travel, a life coach, and a lawyer specializing in small business law at Parr Business Law. He helps new businesses lay their legal foundations without headache, so they can focus on building the business. 

Also covered on the podcast: we discuss the brotherhood group that has leveled us up on a consistent basis, and helped us in our relationships, and our business: Lead by Phil Teertha Mistleberger, its called the Samurai Brotherhood. 

The photo of Devon and his partner was taken by Heather Pennell