#32 - Genetics And The Future Of Personalized Health Coaching - with David Krantz

Everyone wants to find the right diet and exercise regime that works for them. But with all the choices available to us, finding the right fit can be a long journey full of shots in the dark and a lack of real data. David Krantz is changing that by offering personalized health coaching that looks at each client's gene expression, and then building a diet and exercise program that is a right fit for each person.

David specializes in coaching around epigenetics. This allows him to coach people on nutrigenomics - the study of linking epigenetic expression to particular foods and behaviours.

We all have a particular set of expressed gene codes, and this regulates what foods work well in our bodies, how well we respond to exercise, and a whole host of other things. Knowing how your genes are expressed allows you (with the right advisor) to make decisions on how to live, based on what works well for your unique body.

On this episode, we discuss:

  • What epigenetic coaching does.

  • The old way of discovering what's healthy for you.

  • The new way of tailoring diet and exercise to your genetic expression.

  • Why a Ketogenic diet may not be a good fit for you.

  • The most direct route to changing how your body loses weight.

  • Marrying intuition and data together = power.

  • How good data can empower you to move forward and take bold action.

  • Concerns: Genetic testing, privacy, and big brother having your genetic information.

  • Genetics and specific foods: fats, nuts, and more.

  • The PPARG gene and mitochondria response to cold therapy.

  • The function of mitochondria - the power-plant of the cells in your body.

  • Mitochondrial response to infra red light.

  • Cold exposure and how it affects sleep quality.

  • Genes in my chart that affect Dopamine and my appetite for dopamine rushes.

  • Why some people absolutely hate cold exposure.

  • Addiction and which genes contribute to addictive tendencies.

  • Supplements and substances that can contribute to balancing or resetting receptor systems in the brain.

  • Ibogane and Ayahuasca for addiction treatment.

  • How your genetic variants can predict your response to Cannabis.

  • The the important balance of mind and body - therapy and diet/exercise.

  • The importance of Purpose in leading a life of meaning.

My take-home message from this podcast with David is this:

March to the beat of your own drum. 
Every body is different. 
Listen to your body and learn what it needs.

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David's website is full of great content, and he offers multiple tiers of coaching for short term and long term goals. David will see clients for up to a year to coach them through making the changes needed to shift their health in the right direction.
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