Freedom From Addiction

Join me for a 6 week course and find freedom from your addictive patterns

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Do you want to find real freedom from your addictive cycles?

Are you tired of watching your addict mind wrestling for control in your life, even after you’ve done so much work to find recovery?

Is your addictive process like some kind of monster that rears its head, then goes in to hiding, then comes back out again, even years down the road?

Addictive thought patterns are tremendously stubborn, because addiction is rooted deep in the reward pathways of your brain.

Most addicts can get clean for a few weeks or a few months. Some can string together a year or two. But not many addicts find long-term recovery.

When I got clean in my teen years, I slowly watched my sober friends relapse and fall of the radar. I saw people get 6 months to 5 years, and then disappear. For some, the next time I saw them was at their funeral.

I didn’t want to be one of those people.

I wondered: “Why do some addicts find long term recovery, and others don’t?”

“How can I be one of the few people who finds long term freedom from addiction, rather than short bouts of sobriety?”

In the 12 steps, they say that addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful. And indeed it claims many lives. In order to be one of the few who finds long-term success, you need to dig deep into a program that can bring permanent recovery.

After my 15th year of sobriety, I still felt the tug of my addictive patterns looming over my life. I was still guarded, unemotional, and playing it cool in my day to day life. I’d build up stress, push myself too hard trying to achieve success in the world, then crash and burn. This took a toll on my relationships and kept me searching for sources of soothing for my discontent with life. I would lost my center and binge on food, sex, and other “feel-good” things to escape. It was the same old patterns in different clothing.

I was also plagued every day by a fear that I would relapse and end up back where I started. That gnawing anxiety shook me every day, and I made decisions based on it. That fear held me back from moving beyond my original recovery structure. Eventually, I’d had enough of living in fear. I wanted a solution to this pattern; a “next level” to my recovery.  I went searching and found a bunch of tools that helped me find the freedom what I was looking for.

It was not easy, and there was no quick fix, but I came out of the journey with some key strategies to treat addiction at a deeper level than what was taught to me in my 12 Step program.

I found HAPPY long-term recovery by digging deeper with my inner work, trying new methods of healing, and uncovering the patterns that had been lurking under the surface for years.

Today I am free. I don’t crave escape, and I don’t have the fear that I’ll slide backwards and relapse. I’m humbly confident in my recovery, and have the freedom to choose what behaviours and what substances to consume. I have a healthy relationship with my fiance and my family, and my body has never been stronger. I want to share these gifts with you.

Join me and a small group of men on a 6 week journey deep in to your mind, heart, and beyond.

In this course you will:

✓ Explore your past in a new way

✓ Loosen the grip that your addiction has over your mind

✓ Shine a light on your present-day patterns, and discover their origins

✓ Uncover repressed parts of your mind that keep you stuck.

✓ Connect to a group of men who share the journey with you

✓ Receive guidance that challenges you to see in a new way.

✓ Change your habits and begin a healthier way of living

✓ Be accountable to achieve your goals

✓ Discover and align with your personal mission and higher purpose

The deeper you go with your inner work, the more you expose your addiction to the power of a group such as this, the more you will uncover your patterns and heal them.


Why Work with me?

So, you might be wondering: “Who are you? And what makes you such an expert?”

I’ve been working with addicts for over 15 years. I began with working on my own recovery in my teen years – not a smooth ride – and became a counsellor after high school.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences – with a focus on Addictions Counselling, from the University of Lethbridge. That degree led me through 2 practicum semesters, with one where I worked at Crossroads treatment center in Antigua – the center founded by Eric Clapton.

I helped build and operate a treatment program in Alberta - a wilderness experiential treatment program for men where we took guys into the wilderness and used nature to reprogram their addictive patterns. We saw how addiction lives in the “animal brain” where our emotions are regulated. We showed men how to tap in to their animal brain and access their “default mode network” to address their addictive patterns at their core. Throughout the years I also worked with teens and older adults at other treatment centers.

I run 2 men’s groups for the Samurai Brotherhood, and assist my fiancé Sheleana in running Conscious Relationship Trainings, where we facilitate transpersonal psychology, shadow work, breathwork, and catharsis work.

In the Freedom From Addiction Course, I have combined the most potent teachings, strategies, and tools I’ve accumulated over the years and put them all in one place. You’ll have an opportunity to experience some of the things that transformed my life without having to spend 15 years searching for them like I did.

Here’s what you will do in this course to step up your recovery game

  • Move through the course with a core group of men who are on the same path. This group bonds throughout the program and creates a safe strong container for your recovery process. We will use this group as a source of healing, and a source of power to make the changes you want to make in your life.

  • Identify the areas of your life that are still under the control of your addiction, and develop strategies to address the core issues, rather than the symptoms. This will open you up to a new level of freedom.

  • Find your ultimate source of personal power and expand your relationship to it.

  • Reconnect to yourself at a deep level - Addiction is ultimately rooted in a disconnection from one’s self. Connect deeper to yourself beyond your addiction, and you will find freedom.

  • Connect to your masculine core with a group of men who are on the same path. Uncover the source of strength and motivation that is available to you when you have the collective support of strong, positive male relationships.

  • Get your diet and exercise routine optimized and implemented.

  • Learn more about why working on relationships are so important for addicts

  • Align with your higher purpose, and find strength in claiming what you want in your life, and what you don’t.

Week 1 – Connect, Commit, and Expose Your Addictive Patterns

  • Connect with your group of men and establish trust

  • Acknowledge your current state and what needs to change

  • Establish personal goals for the program

  • Change your daily routines and begin changing your patterns.

  • Form your band of brothers


Week 2 – Learn, Reveal, and Uncover your addiction

  • Learn more about the core of your addiction and see your addiction in a new way.

  • Reveal the shadow elements that keep you bound

  • Receive coaching from our guest Lee Hettig, a former professional boxer and full-time personal trainer. Lee will take us through correct diet and exercise regimen for taking optimizing your life for recovery.


Week 3 and 4 – Take action on a new way of living

  • Connect to your “self” in a new way

  • Build a new relationship to your body

  • Contact your spirituality at a deeper level

  • Learn about how you deal with relationships with the help of our special guest Mark Groves - an absolute boss relationship coach.

Mike Muscari - The Purpose Method

Week 5 – Align with your higher purpose

  • Learn how to build and nurture self-esteem and self-acceptance

  • Discover the values that give you power.

  • Begin uncovering your personal mission in this life with the help of our guest Michael Muscari - founder of the Purpose Method program.

Week 6 – Continue your evolution (Continuing Evolution Planning)

  • Develop a long-term plan for continuing growth

Features of the Freedom From Addiction program

✓ 12 Live Call sessions – 2 hours each – for a total of 24 hours of live group support

✓ Weekly exercises and worksheets to guide you through the program

✓ Exclusive lifetime membership to the FFA Alumni Facebook support group

✓ Discounted registration in to affiliate programs such as “The Purpose Method”


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“Working with Ben was awesome. His ability to listen and presence my experience brought light on to my situation. He shared simple powerful tools to implement into my daily routine for ongoing support.

I’m super happy to have found Ben. I highly recommend his work for any struggle you have with addictive behaviours.” -Harry I.

“For the past 6 months, working with Ben has been a game changer for my life, my relationship, and most importantly my sobriety. Ben has been able to guide and mentor me through some very challenging areas, areas that my past program just wasn’t reaching.

AA has given me a wonderful life. Ben has given it more depth and richness that I didn’t think was possible.” - Cameron R.

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“Ben comes from a place of empathy, compassion, and love, with the tools necessary to move your energy in a lasting, transformative way.

Come to Ben if you're looking to gift yourself the change you want while enjoying your journey the whole way through.” -Sam Gray

The next group starts on March 1st, 2019

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