I am an addictions coach and a trained counsellor. For the past decade I’ve worked with men to overcome and conquer their addictions.

I work with men who are struggling to harness the power they need to overcome their negative habits and addictions - men who might look like they've got it all together on the outside, but they are being held down by something behind the veil. 

If You Struggle With:

  • Habits and Addictions that keep you down

  • Relationships

  • Physical health and fitness

  • Self-sabotage

  • Missing your potential

  • Addictive thinking

I've got your back. 

I have worked with hundreds of addicts over 15 years. 

I spent my 20's earning a Bachelor's Degree in Addictions Counselling, and working at 4 treatment centres across North America and the Gulf of Mexico. I worked in the high-end, $500/day treatment centres, and the government-funded wilderness treatment camps. Here, learned to work with all addictions at all levels of severity. Then my journey lead me off the beaten path and I discovered some of the more secretive methods of recovery. Now I want to share what I've learned with you. 

Some of the recovery methods I work with are:

  • 12 Step Programs

  • Peer Support & Sponsorship

  • Group therapy

  • Traditional counselling & CBT

  • Transpersonal Therapy and Shadow Work

  • Holotropic Breath Work

  • Diet & Exercise

  • Meditation & Yoga

  • Plant Medicines & Psychedelics

My own history with addiction has given me the life experience required to build a huge toolkit to draw upon, and I am sharing that with the men who want it. These tools range from traditional to alternative, and even taboo recovery and healing methods. I have tried and tested everything, and have integrated the best of what I’ve learned in to my coaching style.

I coach men specifically on these topics:

  • Addiction and Recovery

  • 2nd stage recovery - next-level healing for addicts already on the recovery path

  • Conscious Relationship work - Romantic relationships

  • Masculinity and men’s work

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A single session can get you on the right path. 

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