I am a coach and trained counsellor. For the past decade I’ve worked with men on two main subjects:

Overcoming and conquering addictions


Conscious relationship work

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I also do Mentorship work with young men


I work with men who are struggling to harness the power they need to overcome their negative habits and addictions - men who might look like they've got it all together on the outside, but they are being held down by something behind the veil. 

If you struggle with these issues, I can help:

  • Habits and Addictions that keep you down

  • Relationships

  • Physical health and fitness

  • Self-sabotage

  • Missing your potential

  • Addictive thinking

  • Reaching 2nd stage recovery and outgrowing your initial recovery methods

I have worked with hundreds of addicts over 15 years. 

I spent my 20's earning a Bachelor's Degree in Addictions Counselling, and working at 4 treatment centres across North America and the Gulf of Mexico. I worked in the high-end, $500/day treatment centres, and the government-funded wilderness treatment camps. Here, learned to work with all addictions at all levels of severity. Then my journey lead me off the beaten path and I discovered some of the more secretive methods of recovery. Now I want to share what I've learned with you. 

Some of the recovery methods I work with are:

  • 12 Step Programs

  • Peer Support & Sponsorship

  • Group therapy

  • Traditional counselling & CBT

  • Transpersonal Therapy and Shadow Work

  • Holotropic Breath Work

  • Diet & Exercise

  • Meditation & Yoga

  • Plant Medicines & Psychedelics

My own history with addiction has given me the life experience required to build a huge toolkit to draw upon, and I am sharing that with the men who want it. These tools range from traditional to alternative, and even taboo recovery and healing methods. I have tried and tested everything, and have integrated the best of what I’ve learned in to my coaching style.

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I also run private 7-day Advanced Addiction Retreats involving the most powerful elements I have encountered for addiction recovery, including breath work, diet, cleansing and detoxing, plant medicines, meditation, and group work. Fill out the form below if you want to know more.

Ben Goresky and Sheleana Aiyana (Rising Woman) at sunset in love


My fiance Sheleana and I have engaged in “Conscious Relationship” work for nearly 4 years together and we’re still always learning ways to relate to one another from a healthier place. Through shadow work, tantric practices, and simple processes I’ve inherited from our teacher along the way, I’ve widened my capacity to hold-space, remain in my masculine core and show up as a secure-partner when times are hard.

And in a relationship, there will always be hard times.

Learning how to navigate these challenges to gain deeper insight into our minds and patterns is at the root of my coaching work with men. We can’t do this work alone. And we certainly cannot do it only in the presence of our women. As men, we need each other to do this work.

I credit my friendships and deep connections with other men for giving me the strength to stay in the game when my mind is telling me to run or fight. My connections with other men have served as a source of accountability that has helped me go deeper in to relationship than I’ve ever been before.

My mission is to support guys like you in your journey to embody the gifts of your masculinity by diving into what it means to be a “Conscious Man”.

When you work with me 1-1 we can cover the following topics:

  • The deeper work of “Masculinity” and staying in our center amidst our commitments to others (family, partners, children, work)

  • Healing our wounds in relationship too other men and women (The Mother/Father connection)

  • Conscious Relationship Work from a male perspective

  • What it means to “Hold Space”

  • How to be with “BIG” emotions from your partner without taking them personally, shutting down/becoming anxious.

  • How do you know if the relationship is healthy or not?

  • What to do when you’re feeling anxious in the relationship

  • What to do when you’re the avoidant one in a relationship

  • Strategies to quit numbing out and shutting down in conflict

  • How to stop having disconnected sex and start connecting (opening your heart and connecting to your partner)

  • Setting boundaries with your partner and staying true to your purpose in life

  • Contacting your power and building better relationships with other men.

During our coaching calls, I’m here as a supportive guide to offer you insights based on my 15 years of experience as a counselor, but also as a leader of 2 men’s groups, and as a fellow brother who’s walking this path with you. We’ll explore some of the pressures and expectations put on men in a relationship and develop strategies or plans to give you the strength, motivation, and support you need to be the man you want to become in this life.

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